Performance Art


    Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art Private space is a physical one as immediately occurs in the person’s mind against the others. Psychologically every individual has a privacy which can lead to discomfort, anger or anxiety and etc if encroached on. In fact, private space is the issue that a person can expose his/her private and […]

  • Paradox of Choice

    Matn Gallery The contemporary world is full of available choices for us, compromise and disagreement, anger and favor are all matters which constructs our personal world. Overlap zone’s mass of memories since it could not be cleared by changing our name, accent or identity, but also, it will be kept in the most personal possible […]

  • Intercultural Discourses

    Intercultural Discourses Afrand Gallery According to Aristotle music is a wisdom that people exhibit what is not rendered through words. Then they use sounds to manifest it. Sound is a kind of energy that is created by vibration in the parcels of a material, in a way that a parcel is moved by a movement […]