Paradox of Choice

Matn Gallery

The contemporary world is full of available choices for us, compromise and disagreement, anger and favor are all matters which constructs our personal world. Overlap zone’s mass of memories since it could not be cleared by changing our name, accent or identity, but also, it will be kept in the most personal possible space.

Barry Schwartz, an American psychologist believes that:

“With the Autonomy and Freedom of choice, the expectation for finding the right one is high. Increasing the number of choices will make the selection more errors.”

We choose our clothing and outfits while they have the most personal limitation and minimum borders with our bodies, there are like privacies as we wear them. They are not only a part of fabric, but a collection of life, choices, diary and our memories. Inseparable part of our reality as could be “good or bad” while it could be meaningful without our presence even.

“Paradox of Choice” has begun from December 13th, 2016 since all initial recalls have been sent to the people who are in the circle of my personal space, i.e. people who have most impact in my personal life and professional carrier: from New York to Tehran, Paris to Berlin and from Prague to Eshkevar.