Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
Private space is a physical one as immediately occurs in the person’s mind against the others. Psychologically every individual has a privacy which can lead to discomfort, anger or anxiety and etc if encroached on. In fact, private space is the issue that a person can expose his/her private and personal information to others based on his/her desire and selection. Edward T. Hall, an anthropologist, describes The Hidden Dimension, surrounding each of us, in different contexts in 1966. An intimate zone is reserved for close friends, lovers, children and close family member. Another zone is used for conversation with friends, to chat with associates; a further zone is reserved for strangers, and etc. Although personal space is generally closer and more limited in Middle East countries than other societies, but still it is important obeying and following private space, because private space concept may affect sense of security .In Iran, considering all cultural and religious aspects, people occasionally obey other’s private space. In public places, metro, crowded places, corridors and close spaces even in galleries physical contacts is too offensive, but it consider as something common and regular. Lack of understanding and disobedience of others private space always has been frustrating for me because it neutrals the first interact and communication and puts the conversation in difficult turns.